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30 January 2009 @ 04:04 pm
Purr Genius, Indeed  

There I was, smug and happy because I'd finallty taken all the courses I needed for my degree and only had to complete my diploma work in order to become an Educated Person. Almost thirteen years after high school, more than six years after embarking on this engineering mission. On Monday morning I took a look at my record, just to savour the sweet feeling of accomplishment.

To my dismay, the figures didn't add up - no matter how many times or in what order I summed up my credits, I was still one and a half credit short (all right, that's how the adding operation is supposed to work, so it's not really a bad thing).

That same evening, mortmere  (who I swear must be a closeted psychic) sent me the spookily appropriate icon I'm using here, accompanied by an even more appropriate lolcat:

Do I need to tell you that's exactly how I felt?

After recovering from the "Whut?" I started investigating my possibilities of earning those one and a half credits, and thankfully my mistake turned out not to be a problem, but actually a blessing: there's a course about sensors that I recently realised that I should have taken when I had the chance, and this year's course has just begun. Also, my department is responsible for it, and it's much less embarrassing to run to the professor and beg to be admitted even though the course has already begun if you already know him. So I'm going to study sensors, and it won't be very time-consuming, so it won't throw my diploma work off schedule.

On Tuesday morning I was up early and feeling energetic, so I decided to fix my bike before going to school. This brave effort resulted in it being unusable and in need of professional attention, but owing to the load of other things I've had to do this week, I didn't get around to handing it in until this afternoon. I hate being without a bike, having to go by bus is a nuisance: it takes twice as long to get anywhere, you have to stand and wait for it in the freezing wind, and it's always crammed with people in moist overcoats who have already used up all the oxygen. I really appreciate the exercise I get from riding the bike, too, and even though it's only half an hour or so a day, going without it makes me feel dull and heavy and stiff. I skipped thai boxing yesterday because a German exchange student I know had her farewell party, and trading a sorely needed thai boxing class for pizza, wine and popcorn doesn't help with the stiffness and heaviness. It was a nice evening, though.

One of the PhD students had his disputation this morning, so the department was full of strangers in nice clothes and my supervisor was very busy. This meant that I finally got a crash course in how to work the ultrasound machine, this far I've been designing and casting phantoms (little silicone objects with minute structures on them that we want to be able to detect using ultrasound), but he's been in charge of the actual measurements. Today he left me alone with the ultrasound machine and told me to text him if I had any problems. Alone with a machine that can show you your insides...

Meet my carotid artery! (The blood vessel that pulsates on the side of the throat, you can easily feel it with your fingers.) My skin is at the top of the ultrasound image, the light parts are tissue, and the blood vessel is the dark strip. It's even cooler when you see it moving!
I was sorely tempted to take a look at the more interesting parts - we had a laboratory exercise on the course in ultrasound technology where we got to look at our hearts - but I'd have to change a couple of things around for that and I wasn't sure that I'd be able to get back to the settings I was supposed to use for scanning the phantoms.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm always interested in fandom and love seeing something unexpected get a proper fannish following. I sometimes spy on other LJers, especially those who frequent pythonslash , to see what else they like, and yesterday I discovered that there are people who ship Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. They are little more than names to me, but it turns out that "canon" in this case involves an autobiography called Dean & Me: A Love Story, allegedly just as slashy as it sounds, and here's a fanvid consisting of almost three minutes of solid kissing, groping and face-licking from the time before colour TV: http://se.youtube.com/watch?v=7CfXjMIXaqw.
A thorough introduction to the ship can be found at the500club .

I love these really unexpected (but reasonable, from a slasher perspective) ships. Maybe I should organise a collection.

mortmeremortmere on January 30th, 2009 06:27 pm (UTC)
Oh noes, that was really scary timing with the lolcat! I didn’t wish the pics would be that readily usable, and I’m relieved that you found a useful way out of the situation!

That Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis vid is quite something! If I didn’t dislike Jerry’s antics, I’d probably study this case a bit closer, but for some reason I’ve never been able to watch any of his performances without wanting to cover my ears and run out of the house. The video in question is an exception, however, because it doesn’t feature his voice - and yes, the sheer WTF effect outweighs everything else.

(Oh, didn’t mean to be rude and ignore your carotid artery! Hullo there, artery! Toying with the equipment must have been, as some people say, fascinating. As was reading about it, too.)
mrs_conclusionmrs_conclusion on January 31st, 2009 08:12 am (UTC)
Scary, but priceless!

I remember laughing myself silly at a Jerry Lewis movie when I was about twelve, but my sense of humour has changed since then, and I failed to endure more than forty seconds of any of the clips I tried to watch after that fanvid awakened my curiosity. This kind of ADHD humour doesn't impress me generally, but it's quite cool to see it being done in the middle of the prim and proper 1950s.