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17 July 2009 @ 02:05 pm
All right: I'm breaking one of my former taboos and posting from work. But, honestly, it's Friday afternoon in mid-July, which means that there's nobody here - when I look around, all I see is actually empty workplaces - and there's nothing to do. Or rather, there are things I could do, but nothing that needs to be done right now. In my first weeks here, I used to dread my phone ringing, now it really makes me happy since it means something unexpected is happening, and sometimes I get tricky questions so I have to do some research before phoning back. It's more stimulating than writing the standard letters I've been busying myself with ever since that day when I was left alone because everybody else was at some conference, and I first realised that there was something I could actually do.

To my defence, I'll also mention that it doesn't seem that anybody else here is getting that much done today. Two of my colleagues went to the midnight premiere of The Halfblood Prince and are a bit distant. Myself, I had an impromptu call from my friend Martina last night and skipped Thai boxing practice in order to sit on the balcony and drink beer with her until long past my regular bedtime. She has an interesting problem that I don't think she's aware of: her dreams very often come true, and they're never what she expected them to be. Actually, when I think about it, several of my friends have lives that work more or less like that, and I've had it happen to me, too. Is there a way to point out that there's a lesson to learn without sounding patronizing?